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5 Reasons To Choose Us For Your Refinishing Needs

1. Personalized Service – I do all our pick ups & deliveries so you meet with me the owner.

2. We have the best prices & have been in business for over 25 years.

3. On-Site repairs for some brands.

4. We can complete your order in 1 week (our competitors can take 6 weeks) choosing a stock materials.

5. Our delivery fees are much cheaper than our competition.

“I personally meet all my customers”

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Why REFINISH?.. .. .. ..
Save Money & Save Our Enviornment

Every person considering refinishing asks themselves the question “is it cost effective to refinish my furniture.” As a general rule, if the furniture came from a patio furniture store then it will be worthwhile to repair. The savings can be substantial, with many people saving 70% compared with purchasing new. Another factor that people forget to consider when purchasing new is the amount of sales tax they will pay. A $4000 set of new furniture will have over $300 in sales tax. Additionally, we purchase all our materials from the same suppliers that the major manufacturers purchase from, so your furniture will look like it just came off the showroom floor.

Additionally, when we refinish we have all the latest colors so you can have a contemporary look. Sometimes customers have several sets in their yard which were purchased at different times. One set may need refinishing before the others, so we offer coordinating colors to create continuity in their backyard. If you have your set powder coated we typically get better adhesion to the metal frame than when it was originally painted. The reason for this is when the set was first painted the metal surface was smooth. When we re-paint a set it is first sandblasted which lightly roughs up the surface. This roughed up surface creates thousands of tiny pores thus allowing the paint to grab hold of the metal surface.

Several times a week we get calls from people that have purchased furniture from stores such as Home Depot and Costco. These sets typically have very well made frames, but the mesh fabric sling or strap tends to go bad in a short period of time. The fabric we use is of a much higher quality than it originally came with and will probably last a lot longer. We try and work with the customer on these sets to make the price cost effective. When analyzing the cost of refurbishing your biggest savings will be on swivel rocking chairs, bar stools, chaise lounges, and tables.

Another reason to refinish your furniture is because it is so wasteful to throw away frames that are structurally sound. Most quality sets will last you a lifetime and the adage ” you get what you pay for” certainly applies to quality outdoor patio furniture. Many sets we repair are over 40 years old and have become heirlooms with fond memories of family celebrations.

We Work On The Following Brands

Tropitone - Brown Jordan - Alumont - Mallin - Homecrest - Hampton Bay

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