About Us

Saddleback/ Outdoor Patio Furniture Repair and Refinish was established in 1996. The company I worked for at that time occasionally needed refinishing services for several properties we owned.  When I contracted with the local companies they all seemed very impersonable and they took over 6 weeks to complete an order. I thought this was poor customer service and saw room for another company to compete in the Orange County market.

My goal is to provide personalized service, so I pick up and deliver every order. With my years of experience I can help you pick colors rather than some delivery driver that is not involved in the refinishing process. We have the fastes turn-around. If you can drop off we can complete your order many times within a week if you choose stock materials. Our competitors can take up to 6 weeks. We also have the cheapest transportation fee at half the price of our competitors that charge $150 – $200. Since our inception I can confidently say I have met all my goals and had tens of 1000’s of satisfied customers.

We Offer 3 Different Services :

1. Replacement slings – We use Phifertex material which is the same material used by the major manufactures and proven to be the strongest in the industry. We can sew and install them for you or make them to install yourself.

2. Restrapping – We use the best strap on the market and pay extra to have it delivered all the way from Florida.

3. Powdercoating – This is the painting process which is used by all patio furniture manufacturers because of its durability.

Contact :

Phone :   949-830-2600
Email :  sbpatio@cox.net